My favorite experiment

My favorite experiment
May 11, 2014 - 20:58

This experiment was described in “Angel’s empire” by Weber, but it not a fiction since such experiments were really carried out in Nancy in 1989.

Rats are perfect swimmers. In order to check this ability, some scientists from the department for studying behavior from a university Nancy made cages with a single exit with a tunnel passing under water in a small pool. It was impossible to rise to the surface as it was closed by a cover so that rats had to swim having held the breath in order to cross the pool and get to the food in a manger with grains located at the other side of the pool. At first, all rats tried to swim. But bit by bit they allocate roles among themselves. In a cage with six rats, two of rats spontaneously happened to be exploiters, two of them were exploited, one of them was independent and the last one was a scapegoat.   

The right for illustration: Icob

To me, it is a very interesting experiment. It made me reflect since it is possible that six milliard inhabitants of our planet are in such a system. So, we get two milliards of exploiters,   two milliards of exploited a milliard of independent (free) painters and a milliard of scapegoats. I come up with a very rude scientifically improvable calculation. Anyway, it is very interesting. To me, human beings are created so that   he due to mistakes and thanks to achievements initially given and achieved necessarily gets into a stratum. At the same time, the data of the following experiment made me think that there was enough stratification for differentiation.  They are simply enough. We dont need more. Very cynic conclusions!  It is very offensive and unfair. But anyway! I wonder why this actually happens. A program? Genetically fixed information? And in case stratifications takes place due to by all means, regardless of contingent it gets twice interesting.  It is possible that society cannot exist without such stratification. And I also wander whether, for instance, an exploiter may turn into a free painter. And what if an exploiter is overthrown and a painter prefers power to open-mindedness. And in general, I just wanted to remind about my favorite experiment. Simply, material for contemplations! Think which stratum  you belong to!