May 30, 2014 - 19:34

I decided to write on this topic after I had been invited to a private university. I was just asked to chat with students. At that very moment, I understood how important role, in reality, motivation plays in everybody’s life! I’ll come back to this a bit later.

And now, I’d ask you to imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable armchair which has taken your forms drinking tasty juice and looking at fire at the fireplace. There is TV-set hang on the wall that pleasantly shines and in all clatters a pleasant nonsense. Besides, it is an evening… It is raining… Lightening…Suddenly, you start to notice how you cosiness of your nice room is impeded by the sound of drops. The roof leaks.

I assume that 90 percent of people will just get used to the sound, 4 percent will rise from under a plaid and will substitute a vessel under the crack, and only 1 percent will go to repair the roof.

I guess that justification for 90 percent of people will be the rain, 4 percent will say what it is hard to them to rise from their places or it has no sense, and only 1 percent will say that forecast for upcoming week is anyway rain and nothing will be changed. 

I also assume that the roof will be leaking for months in 90 percent of cases, 4 percent will find a better justification and only 1 percent   all got wet the very evening will come back home but making sure that the roof of his house does not leak any more.

What made that 1 percent rise that comfortable evening take tools and get on the roof is motivation.

It is very interesting that motivation is peculiar in everybody’s case.  If love, pain and boredom have something general for anybody, motivation, unlike those, is very peculiar, very certain. Most likely, it is due to the fact that interests and preferences are different from people to people. If getting to a peak is a victory for an alpinist, for me it is only waste of time on climbing. It will make an alpinist exercise and sweat for it, while I will not do an additional movement for it. He is motivated by a mountain! To him, it is neither a better nor a worse motivation than doctor’s motivation to become a coryphaeus. They are just different, you see? To me, motivation always has thousands of subparagraphs. Moreover, it has both direct and indirect preconditions. Motivation, contrary to expectations, is impossible to create based on books and theories including this article. Motivation is only formed due to life circumstances and very often our life makes us become demoralized.  Society impedes us. Thousands of restrictions. Vector thinking, fake phobias, mode of life all these make us continuously give up. A child does not see all these difficulties. That’s why he bravely stands on his feet, takes his cart containing his ideas   and embarks on a path. Bit by bit, the cart starts to be kicked in front. And when he is not a child and even a teen, he gets the impression that the cart from the opposite side is kicked by a battalion of soldiers.

Motivation should be so firm that it is able to stand all difficulties. If it has already been formed, every step you take should be directed to strengthening of your already confirmed motive.

Back to the introduction. That day, I get acquitted with 40 absolutely demotivated guys who had decided that the war was over and it was senseless to continue fighting. These were guys who already lost the game in locker room. Maybe, this is the worst defeat. Any of us will sit and imagine that that fight or that game, won’t we? And we will see that the chances were equal. It was either white or black. But they chose the color in advance.