May 08, 2014 - 00:53

At the given stage of development, the mankind tries to prove that there is nothing impossible. I do not argue. At present, there is no discussion on technical progress at all. Each scientist says,”Now everything depends on me”. Initially unrealistic wishes now have “a right” to be realized. No more rooms are left either for moral and ethics, or for reasonable reflection in all spheres of human activities. Modern man does not wonder whether he can do it or not. And, why not to do things that technically have become possible?

      Nowadays, technology establishes ethical criteria. For instance, we have to put up with embryos destruction due to in-vitro, but, instead, scientists have found out an option how to freeze them and to use in medical therapy (Parkinson’s disease). Shortly, all this technological progress is good, but at the same time, family ties are demoralized. As a whole, human relationships, non-observance of rights and dignities of embryo are noticed. Thanks to cloning, human child-bearing by sexual means reduces to zero. Actually, cloning excludes and makes gametes unnecessary. Thus, it substitutes sexual child-bearing to such reproduction which stands beyond marriage. Sexual child-bearing, in its turn, is connected to marriage and mutual “exchange of masses” of a spouse. If we can have a child birth without the presence of one of parents, so we can immediately exclude relations that were established centuries and centuries ago. For instance, it absolutely excludes sexual relations aimed at intimacy of a couple. Thus, human relations are shrouded by chaos. And it is reaching to an unknown level.

        A little bit different deviations from norms are observed in the sphere of fertilization by means of in-vitro. ”Homo-sapiens” has a concept which is called “ideology of ownership”. That is, the willingness to have a child turns into a desire to become the owner of his/her “property” and a self-satisfactory aspiration. Such motivation results in various paradoxes, like mothers-substitutes, in-vitro for lonely women, widows, homosexual couples, as well as for women who are in menopause. Actually, in this case the child is not the aim, but it is only a means for self-realization. People do not perceive child as “God’s gift” any more. Now, we all live in such a period of time when all aim at democracy and free public opinion. Society, however, makes a lot of mistake when takes into account anybody’s opinion who is able to state it at this very moment. Nobody reflects on protection of fetus rights which must become a child, and then “homo-sapiens”. Tertunian has a saying,”The man who will still become a man is already a man”.

          The unique, inimitable, individual human personality starts from the moment of its fertilization. So let a man live his life given him by God with dignity.