Don’t hurt a person!

Don’t hurt a person!
May 08, 2014 - 22:13

You mustn’t hurt someone in vain, just for fun. It is very dangerous. And what if he is Mozart? Besides, he is someone who hasn’t been able to write anything even “Turkish March”. You will hurt him he will not write anything at all. He won’t write one, then the other, and there will be less   magic music, fewer bright feelings and thoughts and fewer kind people.

Of course, you can hurt others; after all, not everyone is Mozart. But anyway, don’t hurt a person! What if…

Don’t hurt a person, you mustn’t! You are the same as him. Take care of each other, people!


Leonid Yengibaryan

This story was said to me by my dear friend, Anna Kotolyan. A beautiful, short story introduced to the world by a clown with autumn in his heart. It made me think for a long time. After all, it is true. Maybe, all of us should have willing not to hurt a man.   

Bedraggled and completely hackneyed phrases as tinsel in the air are common in humankind. A phrase like everybody is an individual and unique. Phrases on freedom. On freedom of thought, freedom of speech. What is freedom? What does winning or defeat cost if you have hurt a person? After all,   a long way is so complicated. And passing along we sometimes pass carefully and slowly. Sometimes, we are in a hurry and don’t notice many things. When you are in a hurry! When your blood boils and sweat flows on your back… Of course, you are keen by your aim. You run. The gasp passed and the second breath opened. You can again run. Here, you choose one from two things. You either run slowly realizing that you will get to your aim not quickly and most probably, you will get tired of it at halfway point and you will change your mind or you start to get more and more speed! However, you notice nothing on your way. You can kick some of passersby even not noticing it. But what if you pushed him away from his goal with your push? And most probably, you have already hurt him. And what is worse, you pushed him away on purpose. Just because he hindered you. Each road has several characteristics such as length, quality and width of a road, the quantity of potholes, importance, direction, its energy and its moral aspects. Characteristics may be calculated a great lot. But only those are meaningful that you fill with meaning. Everyone decides how to do their way on their own. And when I think of a way I remember Anna at once who told me the story of the clown with autumn in his heart, the clown who urged,“ Don’t hurt a person!”