About the way to medicine.

About the way to medicine.
May 09, 2014 - 23:06

That is, to be found about eternal wanderings. It is hard the way to medicine. It requires everlasting improvements. Everlasting efforts on yourself. It has a lot of difficulties, holes and hummocks. However, trying hard thousands of physicians live and develop. What  promotes it? What makes them overcome a large number of problems every day? Money? Glory? Desire to work? Hardly. They are driven forward by some power. Power which, by itself, emerges motivation. If you are a romantic, it is the desire to help people. If you are a realist, it is professional egoism. In BLOG section, I will discuss this motivation. It is very important to me. I’d like to have a lecturer who would have held a session on motivation during my study years.  On the topic what my way would be. For what I should be ready. Society often restricts us. In higher institutions, we study one thing in order to apply in life absolutely another. If you are a doctor, it is twice more difficult. By the way, it is uninteresting without difficulties. And you having gone beyond Alma Mater, you meet capitalism face to face. Here, unlike all other professions and missions, the most important thing is no to lose the feeling of justice. The feeling that you are a physician and that you don’t have the right to make a business from your work. You may make a business separately. The flexible system of financial flows and kickbacks very undermines modern medicine. Medicine, by itself, must be impartial. It must be merciful and perceptive, but not a highly profitable industry.


Physician’s way is difficult. Due to its difficulty of way, one often forgets himself. But if your cross for life is red, carry it with dignity! Be higher, be stronger, and be purer.

P.S. Every time, you are looking at a patient’s eyes, one should make out a dear person’s eyes in them.